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Baxter: I promise, I wasn’t eating it!

Baxter: I promise, I wasn’t eating it!

A chicken with bunny fur at COSI. :D
Take a break once in a while and relax. ^^
Have you read lately? This frog has! :)

First Love and True Forever

The way I blush when I think of you,

The way I smile when I remember your words,

The way I want to stop the world when love stories are mentioned,

The way I want to go to bed early,

Just so I can dream of you


The way I want to hold your hand,

The way I want to write your name on my school papers,

The way I wish I shared every class with you,

The way my heart beats faster,

And the way I feel when I imagine you with me


I’m just like every other girl-

Who has ever wanted to be held by someone,

And I’m just like every story,

Hoping for a love-filled ending


Since the day we met-

None of it I would ever regret

I couldn’t be happier,

Already sharing our life stories,

This just can’t get any better


I’m not alone anymore-

Because you are with me

I love you,

And you love me too


So remember these seven words,

I hope you hold true,

"Forever and Always,

I will love you.”



My plush that my old friend gave me. I decided to do something with it - here it is!